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Still others were officers and government officials of varying ranks coming back to report their progress on assignments or go to work in the many offices on the different levels of the multi-story building.Despite the seemingly chaotic nature of the place there was an element of order to the whole thing.No word on how long this will last but Lieutenant Savage assures us that the infestation is contained and that all patients and staff have been evacuated and moved to nearby medical facilities.An elite team has been called in to deal with the situation as we speak.Thai's car came closer to the imposing, dome-shaped building. By now the red airship warning lights on the tower at the top of the building were turned off.The four checkpoints at the perimeter of the enormous parking lot were already abuzz with activity.Zenith Central Command was the main hub of the city's security force and the seat of the city's bureaucracy.Everything from driver's licenses to major city policies were discussed, issued and dispensed.

Other men in uniform stood in the middle of the road directing traffic toward the detour areas. Looks like I'm heading to Central Command, Thai thought to herself as she pressed her foot on the gas pedal.

As she came closer to Central command she could see more of the giant armored vehicles carrying men and women fully equipped with the new ARC-55 rifle and dressed head to toe in black body armor.

The dome of Central Command loomed over the rest of the houses and buildings dwarfing even the biggest of the arcologies in the city's center.

As soon as the info came to him he sprang back to life.

A red plastic card came out of a slot on the side of the booth. The security guard there will instruct you on where to go next. The plastic guard pole rose up and she drove through the first checkpoint toward the next group of gates.

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